Warner River Volunteer River Assessment Program (VRAP)

The Warner River Volunteer River Assessment Program (WRVRAP) is a new group of community professionals and volunteers who have been trained to annually test the water quality of the Warner River and major tributaries at specific sites in Sutton, Bradford, Warner and Hopkinton.

NH’s VRAP is a cooperative program between DES, river groups, local river advisory committees, watershed associations and individuals working to protect New Hampshire’s rivers and streams. Volunteers are trained by DES staff in the use of water quality monitoring equipment at an annual training workshop. VRAP volunteers conduct water quality monitoring on an ongoing basis and increase the amount of river water quality information available to local, state and federal governments, which allows for better watershed planning.

More information about the NHDES VRAP program and existing water quality data for the Warner River is available here.

In the spring of 2017, Basil Woods Trout Unlimited, members of the Warner and Bradford Conservation Commissions and other local professionals and residents organized this new program and reached out to the watershed for volunteers to assist. Currently we have twenty residents from Newbury, Bradford, Warner and Webster as well as other volunteers who live nearby that have been assigned to five separate groups. Each group is responsible for testing all watershed sites during one month of the season which extends from June through October.

NHDES is loaning meters to the new Warner River VRAP group this year. By spring 2018, we hope to raise over $2,000 in funds to purchase monitoring equipment for 2018 and into the future.

This year we will be testing sites along the following water bodies:

(1) along Andrew Brook (Outlet of Lake Todd, Bradford)
(1) along the West Branch of the Warner River, Bradford
(4) along the Warner River (Bradford, Warner and Hopkinton), and
(1) along the Lane River

This year we will test for:

Dissolved Oxygen

The most recent report for the river is from 2007, here: 2007 Warner River VRAP Report.

With so little recent data, we are all looking forward to our test results!