Thank you for your interest in our efforts to assess, preserve and sustain our wild brook trout in the Warner River watershed! Our beloved brookies are a now considered a species of Greatest Conservation Need in New Hampshire, according to the latest NH Fish & Game’s Wildlife Action Plan. They are also our indicator species for our watershed health. Our surveys of this watershed, to date, indicate that over two-thirds of the streams surveyed are home to these beautiful fish! That means that our watershed is healthy – but our data indicates we have much room for improvement!

Add to this that the Contoocook River watershed, of which the Warner is a part, is predicted to be in the top ten watersheds most threatened in the United States to suffer water quality due to future development pressures and climate change! If we can retain our private forest lands that shade and buffer our brook trout streams and reconnect the watershed for our brook trout to move freely about, we will be simultaneously be taking the steps we need to build resilience into our watershed for both needs. By providing connected, clean, cold and clear water our wild brook trout – we, too, will sustain our water quality and our economy prosperity.

Please read on to learn about what NH Fish & Game, our chapter, local conservation commissions and the grass roots efforts of numerous local volunteers are doing to build resilience into our watershed. Read our brochure, follow our posts and attend our upcoming events to learn more. We want to increase your awareness and inspire you to protect our wild brook trout and water quality.

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